If you have questions about SISA Soccer, how to register, season information, or any other topics, hopefully the answers below will address.  If these do not answer your questions, please contact: SISA.

Q:  When does the SPRING Season Start and End?

A:  Practice for the Recreational program ages U6 and above will start the week of Feb. 13,2023, for age groups that have all teams with coaches assigned.

  There will be games every Saturday, starting March 4 and lasting until April 15 and 16 for instructional. There will be NO GAMES on April 8 or 9.

  Rainout/Makeup day will be April 22 and April 23.

There will be a end of season tournament April 28, 29 and 30, for all age groups U6 and older, weather permitting. 

The Instructional season (U4 and U5) will start Sunday March 5 , with practices/games every Sunday, thru April 16, except NO GAMES APRIL 9. April 23 will be a rainout/makeup day for instructional.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A: Instructional (U4 and U5) and Recreational U6 the price is $70.  This will include a T-shirt.  For Returning U8 - High School Recreational players with a uniform, the price is $100.  For New U8 - High School Recreational players or returning players needing to purchase a uniform, the combined price is $130 ($100 for registration and $30 for the uniform).  If you register after January 29th, there will be an additional $10 late fee. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ONCE TEAMS ARE FORMED. Before practice starts.

Q:  Are the teams co-ed?

A:  The Instructional, U6, U12, U14, and High School teams are all co-ed.  For the U8 - U10 teams, we offer co-ed and ALL-GIRLS leagues.  When you register for the season, you will be given the option to be placed on a co-ed or all girls league/team for these age groups.

Q:  At what age are goalies used and is there keeper training?

A:  Goalies are used for U6 and above teams.  There are no goalies in the Instructional league.  Keeper clinics will be scheduled later this season, so please stay tuned for more information.

Q:  What days are the games?

A:  Instructional games are played on Sundays, and held at Stumpy Creek Park.  Recreational games are typically played on Saturdays, and held at Stumpy Creek Park or Mazeppa Park, but there may be some games held in Statesville or Troutman as well.  Occasionally games are scheduled during the week if they need to be made up due to rain, or as part of the end-of season tournament.

Q:  Where do teams practice?

A:  Instructional practices are held on Sundays at Stumpy Creek Park.  Recreational practices are held at either Stumpy Creek Park or  Mazeppa Park.  Some teams may practice at other locations, but those are not official SISA locations.

Q:  How do I register a player?

A:  You may register a player online by going through the Member Center and adding a player.  You will need to create a SISA account first.

Q:  Will there be a season-ending tournament?

A:  WEATHER PERMITTING, we will have our Spring tournament April 28,29,& 30 for U6 and older.  Most games will be at Stumpy with some games held at Mazeppa as well.

Q:  How are teams formed?

A:  Players will be placed on teams based on birth year and not based on school year like in the past.  Also, if you played in the fall,  you will be placed on the same team unless you request a new team for the Spring. You may not choose your team, but you can request to NOT be on the team your were on in the fall.. New players (including those who did not play for SISA in the Fall of 2022) will be randomly assigned the same as all others. 

Q:  What about keeping teams together?  What if we want to stay with the same players?

A:  For the SPRING seasons, players do not age up so they stay together, unless they request to change teams. All request to change are kept confidential. Players that request to change teams can NOT request the team they will go to, unless their parent is stepping up to coach a new team.

They will be placed in a player pool to fill out other rosters on other teams.  Parents that choose to step up and coach a team needing a coach will get their child and 1 assistants child, automatically with the remaining be randomly assigned. This is for everyone. If assistants children from the fall stay on the same team, but the assistant can not help, the team does NOT get to choose a new assistant.

Q:  Can I get a refund?

A:  Once teams are formed there ARE NO REFUNDS.