SISA Coaching Points: Heading

  1. Body in line of flight
  2. Eye on the ball
  3. Chin tucked
  4. Use of upper body and legs to generate power
  5. Sideways on 
  6. Arms out for good body balance
  7. Strike the ball with the forehead
  8. Heading for Defense – height, width and distance
  9. Heading for Attack – get over the ball, head down and redirections
Heading (Attack):
  1. The position of the feet and being light on the feet is very important in order to jump
  2. Get in line with the flight of the ball
  3. Keep your eye on the ball at all times
  4. Time the run and jump to head the ball at your highest point
  5. Use the forehead at all times to head the ball
  6.  Direct the ball down toward the target—i.e. goal, teammate, path of teammate

Principles 1-5 in attack also apply to defenders. Principle 6 does not apply because defenders generally are looking to head the ball up and not down

Heading (Defenders):
  1. Width
  2. Height
  3. Distance—with power
  4. Accuracy