SISA Coaching Points: Dribbling


Manipulating the ball from side to side (movement of the ball)

  • Light touches
  • Keep head up
  • Looking & Attacking space
Moving the ball past opponents (deceptive body movements)
  • Pure speed
  • Change of pace
  • Change of direction
  • Feints
Running with the ball at feet
  • Ball comfortable at feet
  • Ball not too far ahead
Individual possession (shielding)
  • Body shape – relaxed & low center of gravity
  • Extend arm closest to the defender to provide balance and space
  • Side ways on to the defender
  • Position of ball on foot furthest from opponent
  • Change of direction (transfer of ball) to create space & to avoid pressure
  • Keep head up to find options
  • Awareness of opponent
  • Know where space is
  • First touch very important
  • Turn away from pressure
  • Part of foot used will be determined where pressure is & where space is