About South Iredell Soccer Association


South Iredell Soccer Association (SISA) has been serving the Mooresville community for over 40 years. It is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that was formed to provide recreational soccer to the youth of Mooresville. This recreation soccer program is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of youth soccer players and provides an opportunity for all participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a life long love of the game. SISA has over 750 children participating on coed boys and girls teams ranging in age from 3 to 18, and the teams practice and play games in the fall and spring. SISA Recreation teams are open to all children who want to play soccer regardless of their ability
SISA provides a recreational soccer program to the Town of Mooresville in close partnership with the Recreation Department. Fall and spring seasons are provided each year. The fall season commences in mid August and runs through the first week of November. The spring season begins in mid February and runs through the first week of May. Each season concludes with an end of season tournament for all teams.
Registration begins approximately 45 days prior to the start of the season, and is done on-line. New players to recreation soccer are required to verify their age by providing a copy of their birth certificate prior to the season to ensure that they are assigned to the proper age group. Players are assigned to teams based on age and their family address. After the players are grouped by location, new players are randomly assigned to a team without regard to their abilities and skills. Returning players have the option to return to the team they played in the previous season, or may select to be placed in the grouping to be randomly assigned.  Teams are allowed 1 head coach and 1 assistant coach, and their children will be assigned to those teams.  We do not accept team requests.  We look to keep teams balanced to ensure that an equal number of players of the same age and gender are distributed across each age group.