SISA Coaching Points: Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper (distribution)
  1. Starting the attack – supporting the field players 
  2. Organizing the defense
  3. Distribution – changing the point of attack; technical ability and positioning to handle a back pass; goal kicks
  4. Kicking to a target –Inside or Instep
    1. Accuracy of the pass
    2.  Distance of the pass as well as pace
    3. Ball to target or space
  5. Throwing to a target – Bowling/Underhand
    1. Step towards target
    2. Ball in crook of the wrist
    3. Ball released so that it stays on the ground
    4. Ball into space or target with enough pace
  6. Throwing to a target – Overhead
    1. Step towards target
    2. Ball in crook of wrist
    3. Ball released so that it get to target or space at a low trajectory
    4. Enough pace on the ball
Goalkeeper (Shot Stopping):
  1. Proper hand formation – “W” for chest & above & diving; “M” for waist & below
  2. Strong but “SOFT” hands
  3. Proper footwork – feet get you to the ball
  4. Body shape and stance – Gorilla; concave body shape
  5. Getting set
  6. Eye on the ball
  7. Proper Angle and Positioning towards ball
  8. Stay on Feet as long as Possible
  9. Diving to the side or forward
  10. Dealing with Crosses – starting point
  11. Instant recovery
  12. Concentration
  13. Communication
  14. Catch, Box or Re-direct the shot