Challenge Information
What is Challenge Soccer?

This division is a competitive playing level and without prior playing experience making a Challenge team is less likely. Teams begin at Under 10 and go through Under 18 (High School).  Coaches are volunteers but a coaching license is required.  New players must attend a tryout.  Once on a team, performance must continue to meet playing level requirements.Tryouts for Under 10 through Under 14 Boys and Girls are generally conducted in May.  15 – 18 year old Tryouts are normally in May as well.

Under 15-18 Challenge teams don’t play in the same season as their High School teams play.  For example, boys High School teams play in the Fall.  Challenge Under 15-18 boys teams play in the Spring. Girls High School play in the Spring and club plays in the Fall.

The Fall season generally begins with two weeks of practices in late August.  The Fall games will usually begin the weekend before Labor Day and there are 8 games to the season.  Challenge teams will attend one or more away tournaments during the playing season and their games for that weekend are moved to another weekend. Spring practices begin in February and games usually begin in late February or early March with the season running until May. Teams will play one or two tournaments in the Spring as well.

Some of the key elements of Challenge soccer include:
  • Is a State wide-competitive soccer league organized through NCYSA.
  • Tryouts are required for every team
  • Players must attend a tryout to be selected
  • High level of competition
  • Higher level of Coaching
  • Teams may travel as much as 100 miles for an individual game
  • Fees are increaased
  • Teams are formed for a full year (June – May of the following year).
  • Two seasons in the full year. Fall and Spring

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