SISA Parent Education

Thank you for visiting SISA’s Parent Recreation page. This page gives you the tools, resources, tips and advice you need to help kids experience the best that youth sports have to offer. 

SISA offers fun, safe and healthy opportunities for all kids, and is a member of NCYSA (North Carolina Youth Soccer Association). 

NCYSA is the governing body of youth soccer in North Carolina with over 74,000 members. NC Youth Soccer provides structure, organization, and leadership that provide equal opportunities to all players, coaches and clubs. NC Youth Soccer is recognized as one of the most progressive state associations in the country and a leader in innovative member programs and benefits.  NCYSA is affiliated with US Soccer.

Education Article

  • The Missing Ingredient in US Talent Development
  • FIFA (The worlds governing body for soccer) Parents' code:
  • The Parents’ Code
  • Remember that children play football for their own enjoyment, not for that of their parents.
  • Encourage rather than force or oblige.
  • Encourage children to always respect the rules of the game.
  • Never reprimand a child for a technical error or for losing a match.
  • Remember that children learn from example.
  • Encourage both teams.
  • Congratulate both teams irrespective of the result of the match.
  • Help to eradicate all physical and verbal abuse from football.
  • Respect the decisions of the coaches and referees and teach the children to do the same thing.
  • Support, encourage and help volunteers, coaches, organisers and officials in their work. Without them, the children would not have the opportunity to play football.
  • Ensure fair play in all circumstances.
  • Volunteers are the glue that keep our soccer associations together. Without the volunteer our association wouldn’t function. If you have a passion for coaching, administration, working with kids, consider volunteering with SISA. Without you, your child is not able to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer!


Six Guidelines for Soccer Parents:

1. Cheer

2. Relax and Let Them Play

3. Yelling Directions = Distraction

4. Remember, They Are Your Kids

5. Have Reasonable Expectations

6. Meet with the Coaches.

Sideline Behavior:

  • Children want cheerleaders to applaud their success, not adults yelling instructions. Think of the soccer field as a playground and not as a sports venue.
  • What’s appropriate at a sport stadium with adult athletes is NOT appropriate for young children at play.
  • Focus on the process of playing and not the outcome.

Good Questions on the Way Home:

  • Did you have fun today?
  • What did you think you did well today?
  • Did you learn any new moves?
  • Did you make new friends today?