Adult Information
Adult League

The purpose of this league is to offer a fun-filled and competitive Adult program for players above the age of 18 years old.  The league is Co-Ed, and teams compete in different divisions based on competitive level.

How we Play

All of the games are played on Wednesday nights at Mazeppa Park in Mooresville at the famous Turf Fields.  Games will start at 7pm, with the last game of the evening kicking off at 9:30pm.  There are 2 seasons each year, with the Fall season running from late August to November and the Spring season starting early March through May.

  • 7v7 including GK
  • 2x 25 minute halves
  • No Off sides, but ref’s will call you for “CHERRY PICKING”
  • No slide tackles “we all have to work the next day”
  • Rolling subs
  • Each season there is a League Winners trophy for the winning Team in each league.
  • There is also a Tournament Trophy for the Winners of the end of season tournament for each League
  • There is a MOM (Man of the Match) awarded each season for the top player in each league       
  • A trophy is also awarded for the top goal scorer in each league
There are 3 divisions to help each player/team find where they need or would like to be:

PREMIER LEAGUE: This is the most competitive league.

CHALLENGE LEAGUE: This league is slightly more laid back but still with a high standard of play. Most players are over 30 in this league.

CHAMPIONSHIP: This is more of a Rec League, for beginners or those who want to play and their bodies don’t allow what the brain is trying to do. Most players are over 30 and 40.